phrases and idioms

No news is good news

  • Nothing bad happened, even if my life is a bit boring, I am happy. Most of the time news is usually about something bad, news is always


Make my day

  •  Do to something that make today the best day for me, better than any other day, something special


Thrilled to bits

  • Extremely happy, usually because some good news, it could be marriage or birth, passing your degree, celebrating


Can’t thank you enough

  • I want to thank you, but it was such a great thing there is no way to return the favor


On top of the world

  • extremely pleaded, similar to over the Moon


______ means a lot to me

  • something is important for, something or someone you love, you don’t want to lose. E.g. My Mum means a lot to me


A weight off my shoulders

  • A problem that you had previously, a burden, which disappeared, it is no more, the problem is gone


Can’t wait to (infinitive)

  • Looking forward to, to be excited about something in the future: I can’t wait to run. I am looking forward to running


Shattered/ knackered, exhausted

  • extremely tired


drives me crazy

  • makes you feel angry,

Fed up with sth :

  • tired, bored, angry E.g. I am fed up with pandemics


Under the weather

  • Little bit sick


Shaken up

  • Shocked, gob-smacked,


Bored to death

  • Extremely bored



  • Irritable, especially when you get old, you get annoyed very easily


Let sleeping dogs lie

  • similar to let bygones be bygones, don’t annoy or bother bad people because they can cause you problems.

What is the ‘rat race’?

  • The rat race describes the city or the environment which is very competitive, lots of people trying to improve their careers and for example in the rush hour on the metro or underground, millions of people that look like rats.

What is ‘peacocking’?

  • Strutting around like peacock, trying to impress people but in a ridiculous overstated way. Usually males who try to impress with their cars or expensive things, or even their looks.

What are ‘sheeple’?

  • People who do not think for themselves and simply follow the rules, mainstream media and government.

What does ‘barking up the wrong tree’ mean?

  • A mistaken idea about something, usually when you have an idea and you think it is correct and excellent but is completely wrong.

What is a ‘sting in the tail’?

  • Like the Scorpion. A small animal that is not that powerful or big but has the ability to cause massive damage and pain with its sting.


What is ‘sadfishing’?

  • Fishing for sympathy. Usually on facebook, or youtube when people talk about their problems or tragedies in order to get other people to feel sorry.


What is the ‘GOAT’?

  • the greatest of all time. Eliud Kipchoge.


What is ‘cloud cuckoo land’?

  • Absolutely insane, mad, unreal, fantasy.

What is a ‘tiger mother’?

  • Usually Chinese but also other Asian mothers who really push their kids to study and organize their schedules to become child geniuses. They are protective but also extremely ambitious for the children and try to make them achieve their greatest potential. It is mostly a positive trait.

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