Welcome to my website. My name is Denis and I am an English teacher on Verbling.


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My goals

The purpose of this website is to provide things for my current students and new prospective students. I already have the best proficiency level tests on this website.


I am working on creating a few more pages about grammar and videos and finally I also plan to create pages which have free books that you can download and read and if you want you can read these books while studying with me and talk about them with me.


How to use this website

First you can check out the proficiency level tests and take them completely for free. A website can be a good source of information, but what is needed is a concerted and aggressively ambitious plan.  To my students and anyone else reading here is the absolute truth about reaching higher levels of knowledge in a subject. First you need to work out a foundation, that means learning all the grammar and vocabulary to an intermediate level, you’re basically a baby at the beginning. Once you have reached a good intermediate level you need to start reading and writing extensively and fearlessly. It is not just helpful, but essential to expand your knowledge by reading books, books and more books. The great thing is that you can choose which books you’re interested in and there is so much free stuff available on the internet. The key is deciding, and then committing.

Good luck!

Enjoy the journey, and do not give in or give up. every experience is addition to your knowledge.