Find out your level from A1 – C1 level.

Listening Proficiency test 55 questions.

Time 45 minutes.

The very best listening proficiency test.

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Welcome to your Listening Proficiency Quiz

1. A2 1. Listen to the audio, select the best title, then answer the following questions.
2. A2 2. Which story in the radio show "News Hour" is this story?
3. A2 3. Kelly Hildebrandt put her name into a search because...
4. A2 4. Kelly Hildebrandt put her name into...
5. A2 5. The other Kelly Hildehrandt was
6. A2. 6 Put the sequence in the correct order.
7. A2 7. What do they love?
8. A2 8. What happened in October?
9. A2 9. What was the bad thing that happened?
10. A2 10. What will the two Kellys call their children?
11. B1 11. Listen to the audio. Choose the best summary then answer the following questions.
12. B1 12. When was the red phone box designed?
13. B1 13. Which of the following are the phone boxes NOT being used as today?
14. B1 14. Why did George Carwardine decide to design a lamp?
15. B1 15. How did graphic designer Edward Young create the Penguin design?
16. B1 16. Coco Chanel thought that the miniskirt was...
17. B1 17. Which design was the most iconic design of the 1960s?
18. B1 18. Which design had a dignified but amusing symbol?
19. B1 19. Which design originated from a competition?
20. B1 20. Which design is still produced today and continues to be popular and useful?
21. B1x 21. Listen to the audio. Choose the best summary, then answer the following questions.
22. B1x 22. What does Yannis like about where he lives?
23. B1x 23. How does Cristina feel about American football?
24. B1x 24. What does Louisa think is easy to do?
25. B1x 25. Laura says that people are more unhelpful in...
26. B1x 26. Peter believes that you can...
27. B1x 27. Which people dislike something about America?
28. B1x 28. Which person came to America the most recently?
29. B1x 29. Which person says Americans have a fascination for something dangerous?
30. B1x 30. Which person believes that in New York you can make more money?
31. B2 31. Listen to the two audios and choose the best summary, then answer the following questions.

32. B2 32. Lynne Parker is...
33. B2 33. Anya Edwards was...
34. B2 34. Lynne's first tip is...
35. B2 35. Lynne's 2nd tip is...
36. B2 36. Lynne's 3nd tip is...
37. B2 37. Lynne's 4nd tip is...
38. B2 38. Lynne's 5th and 6th tips are...
39. B2 39. Anya had chosen for her impromptu speech...
40. B2 40. Anya believes that being nervous
41. B2 41. Which are tips that Anya gives?
42. C1 42. Listen to the two audios and choose the best summary, then answer the following questions.

Burne-Jones believed that a painting
43. C1 43. It appears that the story of the king and the beggar Maid was
44. C1 44. According to the student, how did the painter approach the work?
45. C1 45. The student thinks that in some way the painting depicts
46. C1 46. What was the people's reaction to the painting?
47. C1 47. Listen to the audio and, then match the speakers with the statements.

"I regarded it as an unavoidable necessity."
48. C1 48. "I strongly objected to it."
49. C1 49. "I felt that research had proved it was a cleaner form of energy."
50. C1 50. "I wasn't bothered where my power supply came from."
51. C1 51. "I felt I knew too little about it to form an opinion."
52. C1 52. "We still don't know what their long term effects might be."
53. C1 53. "They put people off moving into the area."
54. C1 54. "They pose a threat to the existence of the planet."
55. C1 55. "There are alternatives we should explore first."
56. C1 56. "They eventually become a health and safety hazard."