Look at the Parking Lot

Watch the video and then do the quiz.



Tell me what you think about the movie clip. What do you think about the characters? Is it funny or sad, or tragic? What is the overall meaning? Did you enjoy it and what can we learn?




she wants a get
come on
she wants all again uh-huh sure I feel
like the carpets been yanked out from
under me I don’t know which end is up
I’m not even sure how to react I’m too
What reasons did she give for
the rupture?
She didn’t give reasons just
that oh you know things haven’t been
going well and there’s that true I guess
I don’t know she’s usually right about
these things I was hoping that Rabbi Nakter
that he would well
with the benefit of his life experience
no offense.
Of course not
I am the junior rabbi but it’s true the
point of view of somebody who’s older
and perhaps had similar problems might
be more valid and you should see the
senior rabbi as well by all means or
even Marshak if you can get in he’s
quite busy but maybe can I share
something with you because I too have
had the feeling of losing track of
Hashem which is the problem here I too
have forgotten how to see him in the
world and when that happens you think
well if I can’t see him he isn’t there
he’s gone but that’s not the case you
just need to remember how to see him am
Am I right?
I mean the parking lot here not much to
see well but if you imagine yourself a
visitor somebody who isn’t familiar with
these autos then such somebody still
with the capacity for wonder someone
with a fresh perspective that’s what it
is Larry because with the right
perspective you can see Hashem you know
reaching into the world he is in the
world not just in shul it sounds to me
like you’re looking at the world looking
at your wife throw tired eyes it sounds
like she’s become a sort of
thing a problem a thing.
She is seeing Sy
Ableman oh they’re planning that’s why
they want the get.
Oh I’m sorry.
it was
his idea.
Well they do need get to remarry in the
faith but this is life you have to see
these things as expressions of God’s
will you don’t have to like it of course
The boss isn’t always right but he’s always
the boss that’s right.
Things aren’t so bad look at the parking
lot Larry just look at that parking lot.