Present Simple


do, does, 

don’t, doesn’t



am, is, are

am not, isn’t, aren’t


Use present simple with these key words.


every day often once a week  
always never twice a year  
sometimes hardly ever usually  


Use it for states, things that are always true.

Use it for daily routines.

Also use it for fixed timetable events in the future.



The water is hot.

I usually get up at 8.

My class is at 9.


Rules for negatives and questions

In negatives  we us don’t with the subjects I, you, we, they

In questions which are positive we us do + subject + infinitive


example negatives

I don’t go fast

You don’t like chips

We don’t take a taxi

They don’t know where it is


example questions

Do you go fast?

Do you like chips?

Do you take a taxi?

Do they know where it is?


Rules for He / She / It with does

With the subjects he / she / it we add s or es.



He talks

She runs

It works


The negative uses doesn’t + infinitive.



He doesn’t talk

She doesn’t run

It doesn’t work


Rules for He / She / It with is

If we use the verb be we don’t use do or does.


He is late

He isn’t late

She is beautiful

She isn’t beautiful

It is good

It isn’t good


Rules for the verb be

For I we use am or am not

For you, we, they we use are, or aren’t




I am here

I am not here

Am I here?

You are there

You aren’t there

Are you there?