Find out your level from A1 – C1 level.

Vocabulary Proficiency test 52 questions.

45 minutes time limit!

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Welcome to your Vocabulary Proficiency Quiz

B1 7. Which is the correct order?

A2 1. Which is correct? 1,544,376

B1 6. Play football on the football _____. Play basketball on the basketball _____. Swim in the swimming _____.

A2 10. I _____ _____ swimming every day in the evening. I can't _____ your name, sorry I forgot. Can you _____ that noise?

B1+ 3. Where do you get bread, meat and something special?

Choose the places you see in the illustration.

C1 8. Choose the correct prefixes to make the negative of these words. appropriate, hospitable, relevant, personal, moral

C1 11. The rest of the solar system is _____. (hospitable)

Write the complete word.

B1+ 1. She is a bit _____, she follows her emotions. (impulse)

Write the adjective.

C1 2. Working at the checkout can be _____ _____ _____. You do the same things all day. A surgeon's job is _____ due to the long hours and heavy responsibility. Being able to help people is _____ _____ _____ .

B2 9. _____ break into your house at night without your knowledge. _____ often steal watches, wallets and purses without being detected. "This is a _____!" shouted the big men with guns at the restaurant.

C1 13. I make my tomato sauce in the saucepan. I use a c_____ to drain my pasta.

Write the word.

C1 10. Animals which are _____ in _____ are not wild. Bees call a _____ their home, horses a _____ birds a _____. And a baby bear is a _____.

A2 6. Choose the right answer.

C1 3. It is getting late, get a _____ on. She gets on my _____, she annoys me. Grandad is getting _____ a bit he is 90. It is difficult to get _____ to her she is unable to listen.

B1+ 5. What packaging can you see?

What packaging can you see?
Choose 6 answers.

B2 4. I love music _____ jazz. Her wedding dress was _____ made. I have _____ finished the book. She looks younger than me but _____ she is older.

B1+ 4. What is the opposite of foreground? b_____

Write the complete word.

In the b____ of the photograph there is a beautiful view of the city. In the foreground you can see us.

C1 1. She is _____, she is intelligent. He is _____, always saying things that are not sincere. She is _____, she always does her homework diligently and prepares carefully.

A2 3. What do you see?

B1 1. What is in the picture?

C1 5. _____ the door, _____ the car horn, _____ your soup. _____ because it has been a long hard day and you feel emotional.

B1 9. The dog _____ his bone. The girl _____ because she is happy. The boy _____ his finger at the cat.

A2 7. Choose the right answer

A2 13. the ____ is hanging from the _____.

Choose two words.

A2 8. Choose correctly.

A2 12. What is the opposite of clean? d____

Write the complete word.

A2 11. What is the opposite of big? s____

Write the complete word.

B2 3. The taxi _____ me off at the airport. I _____ in before the plane _____ off and when I arrived my friend _____ me up.

C1 7. Get a _____ to buy a house. _____ reduces the value of your savings. A _____ society is based on spending money. The next _____ is coming and people will lose their jobs.

B2 10. Tabloids always have _____ headlines. All the news in the major news agencies is _____, totally politically motivated. A lot of social media and even the biggest search engine is now _____ people.

A tabloid

C1 12. Our trip has to be p_____ due to the bad weather. We will travel next year.

Write the correct word in the correct form.

B2 2. She got _____ for our date. But during our date she spilled wine on her dress and needed to _____. She went to the bathroom and _____ her stained dress on the hat stand.

B2 6. He was _____, he was unable to move due to the surprise. She was _____, she was utterly confused. They were _____ when they decided to travel the world.

B2 5. What kinds of weather do you see in the picture?

A2 9. Charles _____ at 6 a.m. _____ breakfast and _____ to work by car.

C1 9. The scenery is _____. The monuments are _____. But I like to go _____, in _____ places in nature.

B1 5. I never argue _____my wife _____ money. I am excited _____ travelling. I am fond _____ animals, I like them.

B1+ 2. The home I would like is a bit _____. It has a jacuzzi on a terrace, a view of the ocean and enormous bedrooms (luxury).

Write the adjective.

B2 7. _____ only if you are angry. _____ problems rationally. _____ only if it is low interest. _____ to a friend only if he is reliable. Allow your cake to _____. _____ your children well.

B2 1. Spilling boiling water on your skin results in _____. For a _____ take paracetamol. If you cut yourself you need to stop the _____.

B1 10. She's doing a _____ in History, the _____lasts 3 years at university. If she _____an exam, she can retake it.

A2 5. The elephant is _____. The shark is _____. The child is _____.

B1 2. Emma is very _____, her parents give her too many toys. Jay is _____, he likes to win in sport. Sonia is _____, she is usually worried and nervous.

C1 4. _____ are your friends in love and in war. _____ are people without a home. A _____ is when there is a sudden change of power without democracy.

B1 4. Which are only methods of public transport?

B1 3. My house is _____ $100,000. I _____ money to buy it 5 years ago. But I don't _____ any money now because I _____ it back.

A2 2. Choose the right answer.

Add description here!

A2 4. Stand _____, sit _____ and _____ to your speaking partner.

B1+ 6. What countryside things can you see?

Choose 6.

B1 8. Troy is a film with a great _____ of actors, amazing _____ because of the scenery, and a well-written _____.

B2 8. _____ your nose, _____ your hair, _____ your shoulders, _____ my hand. Don't _____, be happy.

C1 6. _____ time in the airport by reading a book. _____ the lost time that we spent apart by _____ more time together. _____ for time when there is a difficult decision and a lot of pressure.