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Hi! I am Denis. I’m an English language teacher and I love it. By the way, I am CEO and founder of this website hibiscusteach.com and I am available if you want to take lessons with me.


I was born in England in a town called Chichester and I grew up on the South coast of England. I studied English Literature and gained my BA in English Literature in 2005 at Lancaster University. I then travelled to South America and completed a CELTA for teaching English to adults. After that I worked as an English teacher at a highly rated university in Ecuador. During this period I spent a number of years completing my MA in Applied Linguistics for TEFL with the University of Jaen in Spain. The MA was completed online, but I applied all of my studies to my teaching during this time.


Some of the things that I love and do often include swimming in the Pacific every day, running, reading about history, philosophy and any other unusual subjects.


I am available 6 days a week at Verbling.

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Denis is a wonderful teacher. He is very qualified and patient. He always prepares lessons for your level, writes exercises and selects material from different books. He writes down your mistake while you speak in order to make all corrections!
The lesson is interesting and never boring! I really recommend him as a teacher!.

– Valerio, Italy

Denis taught me how to improve my answers for IELTS speaking. His explanations and step-by-step instruction are very clear and in great details. I learn a lot from the lesson and feel very excited to learn more lessons with him.

– Ngọc, Vietnam