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This is a page to promote my sister Daniela who is a teacher on Verbling too.


She is a native English speaker and has over 11 years of teaching experience.

She is Celta and Delta qualified and a trained Cambridge speaking examiner.
She likes travelling and she also likes looking after her daughter and her cat who is very fluffy and lazy.


She likes going to the park and riding her bike when she isn’t chilling out watching videos or cooking.


She is available 5 days a week at Verbling.

If you would like to take a lesson with her, click on the button “Book a Lesson Today”.





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Yes. She is perfect. She can teach kindly . She makes me feel comfortable to speak a lot, even when I have trouble, or when I feel embarrassed to say something that I don’t know. She encourage me, and correct my mistakes gently.

– Shayanny de Sa

Daniela is a very good teacher, I highly recommend her! Sshe is professional and very helpful, she provides lots of materials specifics for your goals. Daniela helped me with my University application and interviews, thanks to her I got admitted into two universities in London. She is now supporting me to prepare GCSE English exam. I will definitely carry on working with Daniela for improving my pronunciation.

– Anna