Elementary Level Speaking Podcast

Speaking, conversation, phrasal verbs, grammar, vocabulary for elementary level English, A1-A2 Level.



hello and welcome to my elementary
speaking podcast try to copy my questions and answers where do you live i live in a house close to the sea how big is your house my house is a big house it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms there’s a living room kitchen and there’s a patio at the front and a patio at the back and there’s a garden at the side is your house one floor or two floors it’s only one floor there are no stairs and is your house new or old my house is very old it’s made of wood and and bricks do you have any pets yes uh my family and me have one dog and two cats the dog’s name is lucky and the cats are called cookie and angel do you like cats or dogs better i prefer dogs do you like any other animals yes i like birds they can fly and they sing and they’re very soft who do you live with i live with my mom my sister and my niece
is your sister older or younger than you
my sister is three years younger than me
and how old is your niece my niece is five years old and do you live in a big city or a small city i live in a medium
sized town and it’s close to the beach so i love it because i like swimming and i like the beach and do you like to eat inside or outside of the house i like to eat outside especially if it’s sunny and is your town noisy or quiet it’s very quiet most of the time but sometimes people come for a vacation at the weekend because it’s by the beach and then
it’s noisy